Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Writing about Auctions for Salesforce

Alright I know that I haven't posted anything here for a while, but I have been writing: posts for the Seattle Salesforce NonProfit User Group that I co-lead, posts for the Eastside Arts Coalition (well, sometimes!) and most recently to help out David Habib, the amazing developer of two awesome free applications for NonProfit Salesforce users - Volunteers for Salesforce and Auctions for Salesforce.  

I was, I think, the second person to use Auctions for Salesforce to run an event, back in spring 2010, and I've managed or advised on some 7 events since, with 3 different organizations.  Last week, I re-wrote and expanded an article on best practices for rehearsing with the Auctions package before your event.  It's now posted with other documentation on David's site: - it's the Practicing with Auctions PDF.

Hope that people will find this useful, and do let me or David know if you've got other suggestions to improve the guide.